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Pump Replacement - 8518 S 960 E Well

Project Information

Project Name
Pump Replacement - 8518 S 960 E Well
Project Type
Well Repair
Project Manager
Kevin Rubow
Project Description
The pumping equipment at the 8518 South 960 East well has experienced mechanical failure and requires replacement. The general scope of work will include installation of a mild steel swage and to furnish and install a vertical turbine pump.
CRS Engineers
Estimated Bid Documents Available
October 2021
Bids Due
10/27/2021 3:00 PM
Estimated Construction Cost

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Public Notices

10/21/2021 - Bid Documents Addendum

Addendum No. 1 is now available for the Pump Replacement - 8518 S 960 E Well on the District's website.

10/19/2021 - Announcement

Just a friendly reminder that we are having a non-mandatory pre-bid meeting today at 2:00pm at the site of work. Please note that depending on which map search feature you use, it might direct you to the wrong location if you use the address listed in the bid documents. The well is located in a residential neighborhood in Sandy City and is due south of the property located at 968 E Merewood Ct. Also, there is a site map on page 135 of the bid documents showing the location of the well.

10/11/2021 - Bid Documents Available

Bid Documents for the Pump Replacement at the 8518 South 960 East Well are now available. It includes the installation of a well swage and new pumping equipment. Bid documents are available online through under the Engineering Projects link.

Contract Documents and Project Information

Date Type Description Download
10/21/2021 Bid Documents Addendum Addendum #1 Download
10/20/2021 Attachment Pre-Bid Sign-in Sheet Download
10/11/2021 Bid Documents Bid Docs - 8518 S 960 E Well Download