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9th & 85th and 15th & 94th Wells Pump Replacement

Project Information

Project Name
9th & 85th and 15th & 94th Wells Pump Replacement
Project Type
Well Repair
Project Manager
Kevin Rubow
Project Description
The pumps at the 9th & 85th Well and 15th & 94th Well have experienced mechanical and/or age related failure and are currently in need of replacement. Work at each site shall include but is not limited to the following: removal of the motor and pump, inspection of pump motor and column pipe, sounder tube and pressure transducer replacement as needed, well bailing, redevelopment using the dual swab method and/or chemical development, installation of a new pump, pump and motor installation, well disinfection, testing, and restoration of the site and facility to its preconstruction condition.
CRS Engineers
Estimated Bid Documents Available
July 2017
Bids Due
8/16/2017 4:00 PM
General Contractor
Widdison Turbine Services, LLC
Estimated Construction Cost
$750,000 - $800,000

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