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2020 Distribution Pipeline Replacements

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Project Name
2020 Distribution Pipeline Replacements
Project Type
Project Manager
Kevin Rubow
Project Description
Replacement of existing cast iron waterlines installed in the 1960s in the District's retail service area located in Millcreek City and South Salt Lake City. The existing waterlines will be replaced with 8" C-900 PVC pipe, approximately 10,000 feet of pipeline will be replaced with this project.
Estimated Bid Documents Available
January 2020

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Public Notices

1/2/2020 - Bid Documents Available

Bid Documents for the 2020 Distribution Pipeline Replacements are now available. It includes the installation of approximately 10,000 feet of 8-inch diameter C900 PVC pipe with associated appurtenances. Bid documents are available online through under the Engineering Projects link.

Contract Documents and Project Information

Date Type Description Download
1/2/2020 Bid Documents Distribution Pipeline Bid Documents Download
1/2/2020 Bid Documents Distribution Pipeline Drawings Download