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Reservoir Chlorine Boosters

Project Information

Project Name
Reservoir Chlorine Boosters
Project Type
Building Construction
Project Manager
Conor Tyson
Project Description
This project is anticipated to involve designing and constructing a new building at each of the two sites above the outlet pipework. On the existing pipework, a new magnetic flow meter will be installed to determine both when the water is flowing and the volume of the flow.

The new buildings will house the chlorine feeder unit. The chlorine feeder will be connected to the flow meter to determine the timing and volume of chlorine injections into the system.

The condition of the new buildings, plus the pipelines and feeder unit within the buildings, will be constructed or improved to bring all to current standards of the JVWCD.
Estimated RFP Release Date
October 2020
Engineering Contract Date
Proposals Due
Sunrise Engineering
Estimated Bid Documents Available
September 2021
Construction Contract Date
Bids Due
General Contractor
Ellsworth Paulsen

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