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4400 South 3600 West Vault Modifications

Project Information

Project Name
4400 South 3600 West Vault Modifications
Project Type
Valve & Meter Vaults
Project Manager
Kevin Rubow
Project Description
Modifications to an existing valve vault. The work will include demolition of existing vault piping and valves. Installation of new welded steel piping, valves, removal and replacement of concrete vault lid, and surface improvements.
Estimated Bid Documents Available
September 2020
Estimated Construction Cost
$100,000 to $175,000

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Public Notices

9/22/2020 - Bid Results

Bids for the 4400 South 3600 West Vault project were opened at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The Bid Results are posted on the Project Webpage. JVWCD expresses its appreciation for the time and effort needed to bid the project.

Contract Documents and Project Information

Date Type Description Download
9/22/2020 Bid Results Bid opening results Download
9/18/2020 Attachment Pre-bid sign in sheet Download