A political subdivision of the State of Utah that provides water to cities, improvement districts, and retail customers within Salt Lake County.

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About Jordan Valley Water

Primarily a wholesaler of water to cities and improvement districts within Salt Lake County, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District is a political subdivision of the State of Utah and one of the largest water districts in the state. It was created in 1951 under the Water Conservancy Act and was called the Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District until 1999.

Jordan Valley Water is governed by a board of nine trustees who represent eight geographical divisions. They are nominated either by the Salt Lake County Council or a city council, depending upon the division they represent. The Governor then appoints Trustees for a 4-year term from those nominated.

Jordan Valley Water has a retail service area primarily in unincorporated areas of the county, making up about 10 percent of its deliveries; approximately ninety percent of its municipal water is delivered on a wholesale basis to cities and water districts. In addition, Jordan Valley Water treats and delivers water to Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy on a contractual basis for delivery to Salt Lake City and Sandy City, even though neither city is within Jordan Valley Water's service boundaries. Jordan Valley Water also delivers untreated water to irrigators in Salt Lake and Utah Counties to meet commitments under irrigation exchanges.

Mission & Vision


Delivering quality water and services every day.


Our vision is to provide a sustainable water supply to promote individual and community well-being.



We are committed to employee and public safety.


We care about our customers’ needs and strive to fulfill them.


We care about our employees and invest in their success.


We believe in doing the right thing—individually and as an organization.


Our passion for quality drives us to employ innovative practices.