A political subdivision of the State of Utah that provides water to cities, improvement districts, and retail customers within Salt Lake County.

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Strategic Plan
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About Jordan Valley Water

Primarily a wholesaler of water to cities and improvement districts within Salt Lake County, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District is one of the largest water districts in the state. Its board of nine trustees represent eight geographical divisions—some of the fastest-growing areas in the state.

Jordan Valley Water’s retail service area makes up about 10 percent of its deliveries and is primarily in unincorporated areas of the county; approximately 90 percent of its municipal water is delivered on a wholesale basis to cities and water districts.

Jordan Valley Water employs 160 people in all aspects of water: raw water, treatment, delivery, development, and conservation. With a planning horizon that extends for decades, it is tasked with meeting current water needs, managing water demands, and developing additional supplies. Its water conservation programs have led the way for other conservation initiatives around the state and continue to change the way water is used in the Salt Lake Valley.

Mission & Vision


We provide clean and reliable water to our community through responsible stewardship and quality service.


We will empower a thriving community through sustainable, innovative water management, while safeguarding our resources for future generations.



We protect our employees, the community, and the environment through consistent safe practices and a proactive approach to risk management.


As a strong and adaptable organization, we plan for and embrace change so our employees and community can thrive.


We meet current needs and ensure long-term water resource stewardship by using sustainable resource management and innovative technology.


We communicate openly and are accountable for our actions, fostering trust and collaboration within our organization and the community we serve.


By fostering a collaborative, unified, and respectful environment, we ensure our teams, partners, and community work together toward our shared goals.