Financial Information

Here you can see budget information, bond ratings, and other financial resources.

Budget Information

Procurement Notices

Procurement and other public notices can be seen on our Public Notices page.

Bond Ratings

The Bond Ratings show the financial stability of Jordan Valley Water and the risk level for investors. Jordan Valley Water's ratings are highlighted below.

S&P: AA+

Fitch: AA+

Property Taxes


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Who is taxed by Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District?

Property  owners within the boundaries of JVWCD are levied a tax based on property value including:
  • Retail customers of JVWCD.
  • Property owners within Member Agency boundaries, which receive wholesale water from JVWCD.

  • Where do my property taxes go?

    Property tax revenues help fund the operations and capital projects necessary for providing water on a regional basis. They fund large water projects needed to develop water sources for population growth in JVWCD’s service area. Much of that growth will take 30-50 years to occur. Property taxes ensure that project costs are shared by current and future generations. Property taxes fund public benefits that extend beyond the water delivered to paying customers. Supplying clean, reliable water requires maintenance of facilities that are used for recreation and flood control (e.g. the reservoirs that store our supply). Additional public benefits include:
    • Increased value to those lands that have access to reliable water service
    • Conservation programs, which benefit Great Salt Lake
    • Fire protection
    • Water quality protection
    • Groundwater management
    • Environmental enhancements
    • Endangered species protection and recovery

    • Why does Jordan Valley increase property taxes?

      • Property tax provides revenue stability, helps JVWCD meet its bond covenants for debt service and repayment of water revenue bonds, and is one factor in receiving better ratings for its bonds.
      • As the District’s capital projects and bonding demands increase, its Board of Trustees considers the need to increase property taxes in order to continue satisfying these important objectives.