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Resources available to the public, contractors, and consultants to aid in interactions with Jordan Valley Water.

Active Public Notices

10/13/2021 - Notice of Award

Jordan Aqueduct Reach 1 & Southeast Collection Line Condition Assessment/Access Improvements

On October 13, 2021 an Award of Engineering Contract was approved with VanCon, Inc. for the Southeast Collection Line Access Improvements. Additional information is available as allowed by law.

10/13/2021 - Notice of Award

Reservoir Chlorine Boosters

On October 13, 2021, an award of construction contract was approved with Ellsworth Paulsen Construction for the Rosecrest and 9800 S 2300 E Reservoir Chlorination Buildings Project. Additional information is available as allowed by law.

10/13/2021 - Announcement

Five Concrete Reservoirs Repairs

Bid Documents for the Five Concrete Reservoir Repairs project have been posted in the JVWCD website.

10/13/2021 - Notice of Award

2022 Vault Improvement Project

On October 13, 2021, an Award of Construction Contract was approved with Vancon, Inc. for the 2022 Vault Improvement project. Additional information is available as allowed by law.

10/11/2021 - Bid Documents Available

Pump Replacement - 8518 S 960 E Well

Bid Documents for the Pump Replacement at the 8518 South 960 East Well are now available. It includes the installation of a well swage and new pumping equipment. Bid documents are available online through under the Engineering Projects link.

9/30/2021 - Bid Documents Available

10200 South 3600 West Booster Pump Station

Bid Documents for the 3200 West 10200 South Pump Station are now available. Bid documents are available online through under the Engineering Projects link. Please direct questions to the Project Manager, Travis Christensen.

9/29/2021 - Invitation for Project Specific Statements of Qualification

2022-23 Vault Improvement Project

The Request for Statement of Qualifications for the 2022-23 Vault Improvements Project is now available on the JVWCD website for interested engineering firms. Please direct any questions to the JVWCD Project Manager, Travis Christensen.

9/15/2021 - Announcement

JVWCD Hazard Mitigation Plan

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (District) is preparing a Hazards Mitigation Plan with the objective of reducing loss of life and property by minimizing the impact of disasters such as earthquakes, drought, etc.. A hardcopy draft version of the Hazards Mitigation Plan is available for inspection...

1/19/2021 - Request for General SOQ

2021 Request for General Engineering Statements of Qualifications

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (District) invites Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms who desire to provide engineering services to the District. This is a general announcement required by District policy and not related to any particular project. There is no deadline date.
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