Easements & Right of Way

If you have an easement on your property, these resources will help you understand your responsibilities as a property owner.

What are easements for?

An easement is a grant of permission by a landowner that provides a legal right for Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District to install water related facilities, to access those facilities and to maintain and upgrade those facilities in the future. Easement locations for Jordan Valley Water can be found below.

Jordan Valley Water has a pamphlet outlining the importance of maintaining an easement on your property. All applicants must follow the Guidelines* below in order to encroach within the easement.

*Note: The Jordan Aqueduct has its own guidelines. Download those below.

For information on the ongoing Southwest Aqueduct Reach 2 project, please visit our project website at https://www.swa-reach2.com/

Easement Locations

5600 West Pipeline

This easement runs northeasterly from Emmeline Drive to Rosecrest Drive in Herriman, then north to 10200 South.

13400 South Pipeline

This easement runs east and west along 13400 South from Bangerter Highway to 5600 West.

15000 South Pipeline

This easement runs east and west along approximately 15000 South from 3200 West to Porter Rockwell Blvd, then north to 14600 South.

Central Pipeline

This easement runs north and south from 1800 North in Lehi to 15000 South in Bluffdale.

Distribution Pipeline

The District has various distribution and transmission pipelines. There is an easement in West Valley City that runs east and west on 4700 South from 4800 West to 6000 West, an easement in Taylorsville that runs north and south from I-215 South from 4400 South to 6200 South, and an easement in Sandy from Stone Mountain Lane, then southwest along Wasatch Boulevard to the Southeast Regional Water Treatment Plant.

Jordan Aqueduct Reaches 1, 2, 3, & 4

This easement has 4 “reaches,” or segments:

  • Reach 1 extends from the west side of I-15 (running east to west) to Redwood road, then northwesterly to Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant, located at 15305 South 3200 West in Herriman.
  • Reach 2 extends from Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant north and south along approximately 3200 West until it takes a westerly shift at 10900 South, where it then parallels Bangerter Highway to the JVWCD Terminal Reservoir, located at 5820 South 3815 West in Taylorsville.
  • Reach 3 extends from the Terminal Reservoir north and south along Bangerter Highway until it terminates at 2100 South.
  • Reach 4 extends northwesterly from the mouth of Provo Canyon through Utah County, paralleling the Provo River Aqueduct until it reaches the west side of I-15, where it connects to JA1.

Jordan Narrows Pipeline

This easement runs from the Jordan Narrows Pump Station at Jordan Narrows Road, northwest to Redwood Road.

Southwest Aqueduct

This easement extends northwesterly from the Jordan Narrows area until it reaches Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant, then heads north along approximately 3200 West to 10200 South. It then runs west to JVWCD-owned property located at 3600 West 10200 South in South Jordan.

Wasatch Front Regional Pipeline

This easement extends north and south from Kaysville City to West Haven.

Property Encroachment Request

If you want to make any changes or additions to your property that will encroach on an easement, fill out this form, detailing your project plans.

 (If not Property Owner) 
 (Please be specific. More detail will help us review your request.)   
All encroachments must be approved in writing prior to any construction within the easement boundary.