Service Disruption

General Service Disruption Information

Whenever possible, Jordan Valley Water notifies customers of service disruptions before they occur. In the case of mainline breaks or other emergencies, advance notice may not be possible. If your service has been disrupted, our crews will work to restore water as quickly and as safely as possible.

How to Prepare for a Service Disruption
Major water use activities like laundry, showers, and dishwashing should be completed in advance of a planned water shutoff. It is also a good idea to store additional water for pets, drinking, cooking, and flushing your toilet before the shutoff time.

What to do after Water is Restored
When your water service is restored, you may notice some air in your line or slight discoloration. This is normal. Flush your lines by turning on the cold water from your tap until the water runs clear.

Questions or Concerns
Please contact Jordan Valley Water's customer service staff at 801-565-4300 if you have any questions or concerns related to a water service disruption.