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Southwest Aqueduct Reach 2

Project Information

Project Name
Southwest Aqueduct Reach 2
Project Type
Project Manager
Kevin Rubow
Project Description
Design and construction of the Southwest Aqueduct Reach 2 (SWA-2).  The project will include approximately 10,500 feet of 66” welded steel pipeline which will run parallel to the Jordan Aqueduct Reach 2, from 13400 South to 11800 South. Segments of the SWA-2 were constructed in previous projects and with the completion of this project it will connect the existing segments of SWA-2 to make a continuous pipeline from the Jordan Valley Water Treatment Plant to 11400 South.
Estimated RFP Release Date
June 28,2023
Proposals Due
7/19/2023 2:00 PM

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Public Notices

9/13/2023 - Notice of Award

On September 13, 2023, an award of engineering contract was made to Bowen, Collins & Associates for the Southwest Aqueduct Reach 2 Project. Additional information is available as allowed by law.

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