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2022-23 Vault Improvement Project

Project Information

Project Name
2022-23 Vault Improvement Project
Project Type
Valve & Meter Vaults
Project Manager
Travis Christensen
Project Description
Rehabilitation of six (6) vaults and abandonment of two (2) vaults in the JVWCD system. The vaults are located in the Salt Lake Valley from Herriman to South Salt Lake. JVWCD is looking to hire an engineer for the engineering design and construction management for the rehabilitation and abandonment of these 8 vaults. JVWCD anticipates hiring a contractor for this work in Fall 2023.
Estimated RFP Release Date
Engineering Contract Date
Proposals Due
Hansen, Allen & Luce
Estimated Bid Documents Available
January 2023
Construction Contract Date
Bids Due
General Contractor

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