Water Quality in the Home

Jordan Valley Water delivers water that is cleaner than regulations require. However, once the water passes through your meter, you become responsible for helping us keep it that way. Here are some things to consider:

Water Heaters

Check the temperature setting for your water heater. Water that is too hot can create a burn hazard, while water that is too cool can create a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. You may also want to consider installing a pressure regulator to prevent any sudden surges to your water heater. These can be found at any general plumbing supply store, or you can have a plumber install one for you.

Filters and Purifiers

All types of filters and purifiers (point of use devices) need to be properly maintained and monitored. Neglected devices may not work as intended, can become a haven for microbial growth, or shed filter material into your home’s tap water. Even the filter in your refrigerator needs to be properly maintained to protect your family.

Water Softeners

Since the hardness of your water can range anywhere from 1 to 12 grains per gallon, it is important to monitor the settings on your water softener regularly to make sure that you are treating your water properly. Over treating your water is wasted money, while under treating is not effective.

Unused Rooms

If you have a kitchen or bathroom that rarely gets used, you should make a point of running water through the faucets on a regular basis. Stagnant pipes and fixtures are susceptible to microbial growth. Flushing unused water lines regularly will help prevent this.